Overview of best drones with camera.

In following article, I decided to choose 3 best drones with camera.These drones are „creme de la creme“ in drones world ,everyone of them cost more that 1000$ and that is for good reason, because if you want to ride best drones you have to be ready to pay for that.


dji-inspire-1One of many drones manufactured by DJI.This drone has a full 360 degree rotation with 4K 12 MP camera.Arms of this quadcopter can move ,acquiring different positions.This feature is very useful in photography and videography.Control range is 4,5 km and maximum flight time is 20 minutes.Other features are:auto pilot,GPS,hover in place without GPS,FailSafe,live map and radar…


dji-phantom-3-standardAnother product made by DJI, it is newest version of DJI Phanthom collection.It is also ideal for photography and videography with all of his features.Obstacle sensors allow him to avoid avoid obstacles in space during a flight, what means that you can be safe from crashing it in tree or something else.It also has auto pilot ,Vision positioning system and Smart return home.


yuneec-q500-typhoonTyphoon H has even better camera than DJI’s products. It includes a 4K UHD 30fps, HD 1080p 120fps video / 12.4 MP.Arms can fold and it is easy to transport.It has control range of 1500 meters and flight time up to 30 minutes.Other features are:Integrated autonomous flight modes ,Journey mode ,Follow me mode and collision avoidance.