Here’s new best drone for kids : WLToys Q333

My fellow drone lover, today we bring you one of the best looking toy quadcopters in the market. A clone of the most successful DJI Inspire 1 is perfectly suitable drone for older kids. The design resembles a very futuristic aircraft, WLToys Q333 will stand out from the rest of the drones at the park. It will amaze crowds! Especially since it features Transform Design! Yes you read it well this under 100$ drone can acquire different flight forms remotely through buttons on the remote controller. But be aware, WLToys Q333 is not just a good looking a drone, this quadcopter also packs some very useful features and has some neat specifications. One of the best things is it comes in a complete FPV package ready to fly out of the box! All of this for one of the lowest prices in the market! WLToys manufacturer has listened to drone enthusiast’s prayers and has designed a beautiful toy drone while still making it powerful and fun to use. Without any further due, let us move to our WLToys Q333 review!

Is this drone for kids clone of DJI Inspire 1?

First of all, it’s important to mention how WLToys Q333 resembles DJI Inspire 1, one of the best looking high-budget quadcopters. And if you are wondering if WLToys Q333 also features Transform Design, well I am very happy to tell you that it does!! Like DJI Inspire 1, WLToys Q333 can change its shape. Remotely through the controller pilot can move the quadcopter’s arms allowing it to acquire different flight forms. An extremely fun and useful feature which is very rare among drones within this price range! WLToys Q333 It is made of ABS Plastic, a resistant type of plastic which will endure most common crashes and hits. The cool looking LED lights for night flights are placed on the arms of the quadcopter. A neat and useful design that you won’t find in any other toy drone within its cheap price range.


What about camera?

WLToys Q333 comes with a built-in 0.3MP VGA camera, decent image quality, but far from amazing. It would have been nice to see a 2MP HD camera placed on this drone. Since it’s built-in you cannot upgrade it to a higher quality one or remove it from inside the quadcopter. Yet, camera is FPV (real-time video transmission), transmitting live video directly to the LCD screen placed on top of the remote controller together with a FPV antenna (included in the package). FPV works on 5.8 Ghz frequency. It may have an occasional ‘jello-effect’ but image is displayed with no latency. Pilot can also take photographs and record video, these are saved directly into a Micro-SD card (original package includes a 4GB Micro-SD card, an amazing extra!).

Inovative design

Astonishingly, besides the transforming design, WLToys Q333 still includes more amazingly fun and useful features. Which, personally, was bit of a good surprise, I did not expect it to include features such as Hold Height. But it does! Thanks to a high density air pressure sensor WLToys Q333 can hold its height autonomously while pilot focus on the camera or on modifying its design. On top of this, WLToys Q333 also includes Headless Mode (for easier orientation despite where front of the drone is pointing at) and One Key Return (drone returns to pilot). Two more common but yet useful and important features to have on a toy drone. WLToys Q333 also has 360º aerial stunt function with just the push of a button on the 2.4 Ghz remote controller. Has you can WLToys Q333 has a wide set of features which are easy to use even by beginners. All of the features are accessed through buttons on the 2.4 Ghz controller (included in package).

WLToys Q333 is powered by a 7.4 voltage 2000mAh 20C Lipo battery which enables up to 8 minutes of flight time. 8 minutes is the average battery time for a drone within this price range. Could be better but is still reasonable. To complete a full charge of this 7.4V 2000mAh 20C Lipo battery it takes around 200 minutes. It is charged via a charger which is already included in the package. The control range of this quadcopter is also within the average for its price. A good 100 meter control distance will give you enough area to play around and enjoy the features of your quadcopter.

What did you think of our WLtoys Q333 review? Have you ever seen such an affordable drone featuring Transform Design? Compare its design with DJI’s Inspire 1 model and you quickly notice the similarities. If you always dreamed with an Inspire 1 but never had the money to invest, well, now you can buy WLToys Q333 a toy drone clone of that high-budget model. Let us know what your opinion is on the comment section below, are you considering buying this drone? Also, don’t forget to bookmark our page for more reviews of new drones in the market! We at Drones Globe aim to find the best value for your money! Happy flying fellow drone lovers!

THE GOOD Complete FPV package, including: 5.8 Ghz antenna, 4.3” monitor and memory card. Transform design is an astonishingly fun and useful feature which is very rare for toy drones within this low price range. WLtoys Q333 has a wide set of features such as: Headless Mode, One Key Return, Transform Design, and Hold Height (also uncommon). It is fairly easy to fly and has a stable hover.
THE BAD Camera should be better quality even if just slightly. It is 2016 and people love cameras, 0.3MP doesn’t do the cut. At least a 2MP would have been good.
BOTTOM LINE WLToys Q333 is a very recent and anticipated product. It is very uncommon to find such an affordable toy drone featuring transform design. Such feature is more present in high-budget drones such as DJI Inspire 1 and Walkera Voayger 3. WLToys has hit a core market and Q333 will surely be a hit among drone enthusiasts. Overall the quadcopter is slightly above average for its price but just because of its features. Flight time and control range are within average.